Monday, January 23, 2012

Connecting People( Adapted from Nokia)

This blog is an outcome of my desperate attempt to remain connected with friends and families back home (Bhutan). The recent blacklisting/blocking of the facebook from the Druk Green's server( the company where i am employed) was an effort to enhance productivity of its employees who are supposedly more engrossed in this viral social network. I don't know how productive the employees have become post-blockage, but I know for sure that it created a complete disconnect with my fellow-mates. Therefore, this very basic and a rudimentary blog-page of mine (a true novice in blogging) is my single-most endeavor to reach out to those people who i can be re-connected with in this virtual platform.

Every effort shall be taken to keep my blogs updated so as to keep you all abreast of the happenings around me,but in the event that i don't, kindly empathize this poor me for the enormous amount of assignments that i am battling with.


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