Saturday, January 28, 2012

Down-side of having a common name

Am i getting too much obsessed with my latest undertaking, the job of blogging, or is it just an outburst of passion for a moment? To this, i don't have any answer. Every bit of free moment i get, I see myself excessively engrossed in this webpage, tweaking and shaping every bit of its outlook. My long lost passion for the "html" has once again risen from its ashes like a phoenix.

However, this is not really worth the topic. The purport of the story is something to do with my name. As i came across random pages in the net, one comment caught my eyes, which read "blogging in a secondary domain is not a serious blogger". I thought, well, if that be the case, how much does it cost to obtain a personal domain. Moments later, I was on a search spree to look out for the cheapest domain provider. Having found one, the next was to check out for the availability of the domain name. I wanted my domain to be just as simple and that be my name - It said, the domain is not available and instead recommended me with some deviations to it, which i did not like.

Out of utter curiosity, I instantly checked the content of the site which bore my name. What comes next is not something which i would be proud of my name. The webpage opened with a tagline "Karma Tshering is a scam artist". It was a sad and a disgusting story of how this conman, claiming to be from India, scammed off hundreds of dollars from innocent people in the US. I feel so ashamed of sharing the same name, and that, there is a risk involved should i ever go to the States as there are many awaiting for a revenge. For the moment, i don't have to worry as there is no mention of me going to the States in my calendar- another reason for not making it out.

Whatsoever the case be, I have also a pride in my name for there are many who have risen up in the social ladder, in all spheres of life. And for now, I don't have to worry about having a personal domain as the name has already been taken, neither am i a serious blogger.

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