Thursday, January 26, 2012

Proud of "Farmer Engineer"

It's 08:30 AM and thank God i don't have a class today, yet, i have to get out of my cozy bed, lest it becomes a norm. As people say, first things first, the first thing that i did or rather do is start-up my notebook and open three websites;, and the latter two being the national newspapers. Nothing much was happening back home per the news, random tweets and posts from friends, a couple of updates in kuensel and yet another disturbing news on stabbing in BBS - stabbing has become the order of the day these days, sadly.

Well, what caught my interest is, rather a report on one ingenious "Farmer Innovator" as the reporter quotes. Budhiman Mongar, 48 from Sibsoo, Samtse, Bhutan, is busy attending to the orders of his innovative products. What surprises me most is that, he attended only upto 3rd grade, but his passion for machines caught the better of him. There was no turning back on his journey towards innovation. His innovation led him to realize one product after another, getting busier and popular day by day. One must ask what is education, if one cannot bring about any changes in the society? or rather is education the only path to success? To this fuzzy questions, he has a discrete answer to it. Known to his community as a "Local Engineer", he truly is one. Some of the eye-catching products that the media features are: Parabolic dish antenna, milk churner and a grass chopper. It is indeed a true inspiration to me for it isn't any alteration of the existing products in market. Instead, iron rods, automotive axle, flywheel, bicycle chains, spokes and ofcourse his brain goes into the making of these products. I wish him loads of success in his future innovations. "Necessity is the mother of invention"-Plato.

For further details, check out at The Farmer Innovator

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