Sunday, March 18, 2012

My son and I

Having completed an 18 page case write-up on Hyundai Motors in India as a part of the International Business course, i take a break and recline back with a long sigh of relief. Writing academic papers are always a long and a lengthy process unlike writing a blog. Applying theories and models into a real live case is not so easy, atleast to me. I was on a data mining spree for the last couple of days for this particular case. Now that it's completed, i close the document and decide to open it only for proof-reading once before the final submission.

In the mean while, i call my wife to check what's going on at the far end. She informs me that she had gone to Wangdue in the morning to buy the school uniform for our elder son who has just taken a step into the journey of education.

No sooner, i can hear my son shouting at the peak of his voice,as naughty as he could get. He tells me that he goes to school at 07:00 AM in white bus and comes back in the afternoon in yellow bus. Having been in the school for just three days,he hasn't picked much other than some random words for the morning prayer. He also tells me that "Alu tengey tsang tsha dhu school na" - all the kids are naughty at school, claiming himself to be the one of the few good kids. I simply laugh at his witty comments. He indeed appears to like the school so that he can join the flock of these naughty kids. He then goes on with his never ending list of wishes and tells me to send it at the earliest.To this i simply reiterate "ya ya" as a gesture of agreement. As a responsible father i try to advise him to keep away from these naughty kids at school and instead befriend the good ones. To this, he argues that there is nothing wrong to be friends with them as he would always remain a good kid.

I now agree with who ever has once said " By the time you realize your dad was right, you already have a son who thinks you are wrong". The cycle of life must go on.
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