Monday, May 21, 2012

Weird-ish Workplace

PhotobucketThe melodious ringtone of my cellphone goes off with intermittent vibration on the bedside table. As i remain dead to the cyclical ringing of the phone, i hear my son crying, possibly due to sleep-disturbance. Almost immediately, i wake up from my deep sleep, pick up the phone and say "heelllooooo" in my half-sleep tone. The phone is still ringing, i haven't pressed the receive button. As i press the green button, i learn that it's a call from the shift operator of Upper stage, Basochhu Hydropower Plant.I look up at the wall clock, the time is half past two in the morning.
I hear the panicky voice of Tashi Tobgay(HR guy)on the other end of the wire and he goes on "Sir!, we have a problem. All the machines have tripped because of grid failure and we have received instructions from the minister to start in island operation. The unit circuit breaker seems to have a problem. I thought I wouldn't disturb your sleep but we are left with no other option". I tell him "No problem, I will be right there. Meanwhile, could you inform my maintenance guys". He responds "Sure. I will inform your guys" and hangs up the phone. But why is HR doing the shift, I wonder?

It is raining heavily and i can hear the eerie sound of the wind forcing through the cracks of the dried bamboo prayer flag as it flutters rigorously in the dark windy night. I jump into track pants and collect the car key lying atop the humming refrigerator. As i open the front door, i see Karma Wangdi( maintenance guy) and Jamba Tenzin(plumber) waiting impatiently outside. I mumble something like "Why has the machine to trip at night?" to which i get no response from them, possibly because they are also in half asleep state. I drive the car to Upper stage zooming past tall buildings and old architectural monuments. Moments later we reach the plant and find lots of people gathered in the machine hall like a paparazzi gathered for some event. Heavy-bellied Dawa(parop Dawa) is shouting at the peak of his voice, warning others to stay away from the crane as he maneuvers over the machine. They have already removed the generator bearings and are in the process of removing the turbine. Tobgay and Raju(drivers) are hitting hard on the bolt-head simultaneously with a heavy hammer so as to remove the runner. Tobgay regretfully exclaims "One of the runner bolt got broken in the process of removing it". Oh! no, what a mess, I grumble.

I ask Tashi "Where are the maintenance guys" and he replies "There was a slight mis-communication and they have all headed towards intake". I immediately follow with my next question, who gave the instruction to carry on with this work, to which he replies "The asst. security officer gave them the instruction".
I, at once question myself - am i dead? Why are these wrong people working in the wrong place at the wrong time under a wrong instruction. With a deep chill of fear running down my spine, I anxiously look for my shadow to verify whether i m still alive or not for this could be the least of all possible things. Suddenly, the alarm clock beeps tring! tring! tring! only to wake me up from this weird dream. I remain disoriented on the bed until my conscience gradually brings me to the presence in time and place. I realize, I am not in Bhutan but in Denmark. It is seven o clock in the morning. The room is brightly lit by the sun's rays piercing through the window blinds. I get out of my bed still with a tinge of confusion.

The dream was no less than a horror-ish nightmare. Thank God! I am still alive, the shadow is still following me, and that, this dream may never turn into reality.

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