Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Back into the World of Blogs and Bloggers

For the last three months, I have been so dormant without any updates in my blog. I might argue that I was busy for these many months but this dormancy is mostly attributable to my laziness. As a matter of fact, I had forgotten my user credentials for this blog and had to shed sweat and blood for a week to recover it. In the meanwhile, many things have happened in this span of time; completion of studies, change of place, change of post (no post), death of a co-worker and so on - not in sequence though. Now that the year is drawing to an end, me and my team are even more busier trying to accomplish the performance targets, completing the budget write-ups and fulfilling various compliances. More or less, I have just spent my days navigating between the two places - Home and Office.

(Source: Google)

I am afraid that if I dwell only in this two stations, the coming days might get monotonous. I will have to devise a strategy to make my life more interesting and worth cherishing in later days. Infact, i am already on my way into compiling a list of new year resolutions.

As I write this, the chilly winter breeze is giving its icy effect on my bare legs, the toes are dead numb and pale. It's just about time to start heating up the room or, do I wait to hear some complaints from my kids? - afterall, the more you save on the consumption of energy the more the country can export - easing the INR crunch. The fact is that, the 3000 W panel heater, which at the moment is nicely packed, will make the energy meter spin like hell if used and as a result my family might go into budget crunch :). For the moment, my kids are busy watching cartoon and there is no sign of any complaint.
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