Friday, January 11, 2013

Desuups - The Peace Keepers

Desuung, a newly instituted civilian body and the Desuups, its members, were something which I knew nothing about. Let alone their roles, the name of this body did not even ring a bell to me. Trying hard to break down the word "Desuung" into two syllables and in giving my best shot of the translation, I finally assumed that it stands for "Peace Keeping". Likewise, the Desuups, as per my translation are "Peace Keepers". Whatever be it, as Shakespeare says "What is in a name?...", when the first batch of Desuups in orange uniform paraded out of Tencholing Military Training Center, Wangdue, everyone took it as just another group of militia. It was not until this day that I realized they play a bigger role in the society.
Moments after the formation of this new group of paramilitary troopers, if i may take it at par, they stood in the frontline in every forms of disaster. It was not until the recently concluded Chakrasamvara Empowerment, the Pel Dechog Khorlo Dompai Wangchen held at Punakha, that I appreciated their roles. When one sixth of the country's population flocked to attend this biggest event, it was obvious that controlling the crowd was beyond one's imagination. In the midst of all these worries, there came the Desuups to the rescue. They organized everything with perfection that everything went well just as planned. Not only did they bring decorum and disciple in the crowd but they also helped the old and the sick in the best manner they could do. The more I closely observed their actions, the more I wanted to be one of them. It is not far from now that I see myself dressed in this orange uniform rappelling down the cliff. I salute to thee - Our Desuups.

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