Thursday, April 18, 2013

Walking a Tightrope

At times I wonder about the very existence of duality in every aspect of our life. The more I contemplate on it, the more I can see beauty in it. White would not be white if there is no black. Good is of no good if there is no bad. Plain and Rough, Rich and Poor, Tall and Short, Sorrow and Happiness, name it, everything exists in opposition, so called antonym. Would not it be incomplete or incomparable if there isn't any object for comparison? How would you know that you are happy, if you have never experienced sorrow. In essence, one must experience a blend of everything in one's life to have lived one's life fully.

I have accepted this fact and the acceptance of this phenomenon puts my heart at ease. I have also accepted the fact that one cannot always be successful, and that, failure is also an integral part of life. Even in successful marriages, you cannot expect bed of roses. An altered saying goes on as "Marriages are made in heaven, so is thunder". So, we know what to expect. Like a man balancing on the rope for every little steps, I say in life, it is like Walking a Tightrope.

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