Monday, January 13, 2014

Becoming a Culinary Hobbyist

I don't know what triggered me but somehow, of late, I have developed this passion to experiment on cuisines from different parts of the world, and here I have become a culinary hobbyist. Partly, the influence is from the American and Indian Master Chef season shows which were nicely orchestrated on the television. Thanks to google for providing step-by-step recipes to thousands of food to a novice like me. has become my all time favorite website when ever I feel an urge to get into the kitchen.  Cooking makes me really engaged on weekends and the satisfaction is even more greater when the outcome justifies your hardwork. After hours of following the instructions given in the cook-book, my food passes through a trial judged by none other than my wife and our two kids. It is not surprising when at times they just throw away or spit out what I have prepared after spending hours in the kitchen. After all, it is my first attempt into all these dishes and to nail it down on the first attempt would mean defeating the famous chefs :). The below pictures are from my last weekend's work out.

Hot and cripsy Egyptian falafel 
Rusted Potato Salad
Up until now I have done carrot cake, pizza, chicken masala, fried meat balls, potato salads, pani puri, kebabs, falafel, deserts, tom yum, and lots more. My passion is not just limited to trying out new dishes but I have even tried on mocktails and other drinks. My homemade Irish Bailey Cream remains a top-chart as of now. With every new attempt, I get drawn into this pool of mouth-watering delicacies from all around the world . Mexican casserole and Cuban beef stew is definitely in the next.

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