Sunday, February 16, 2014

Czech Republic enhances bilateral relations with Bhutan

When I went on a holiday trip to Czech Republic in 2011, little did I know that Bhutan and Czech had bilateral relations then. Infact, the recent visit of Czech delegation led by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Czech Republic's exhibition - "Czech Castles", which is currently on display at Thimphu came in as a surprise to me. I am being told that the motive behind this exhibition is to enhance the bilateral ties between the two countries which was established in 2011. It is good to know that Czech is keenly looking for "meaningful engagement" with Bhutan especially on the developmental front.

Let me share my knowledge and experiences from that trip, if this may in some ways, help in enhancing the bilateral relations between the two countries. Czech Republic is a landlocked country similar to Bhutan surrounded by Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. Czech Republic and Slovakia Republic are the two countries formed  from the former Czechoslovakia after peaceful dissolution in 1993. It is located in the Central part of Europe with its capital as 'Prague' or 'Praha' as is known to the locals.

It was in 2011 Christmas vacation that I took a break from the studies and flew all the way to Paris and then to Prague. It gave me an opportunity to explore the central part of Europe. Prague remains one of the top tourist destinations in Europe mainly because of its rich history and many cultural attractions. The main attractions there are the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Dancing Tower, Jewish Quarter and Lennon Wall amongst many others. The people there are friendly, polite and helpful. What is more amazing is in the fact that modernization there has taken place in perfect harmony with the age old culture, tradition and architecture. One can see a seamless transition of past and the future portrayed in the form of present day Prague. Posted below are some of the pictures from  my visit.
Infront of the astronomical tower, Old Town Square
Wenceslas Square, Prague.
Prague Castle
Dancing tower
With the recent visit of Czech delegates, aid in many sectors were identified which includes Civil Aviation, Disaster Management and the film industry. However, the Czech Republic has prioritized the sponsorship of Bhutanese students. Besides, they are also considering investment in the film industry, hydropower and the tourism sector.
Hopefully the two landlocked countries can learn and gain from each other in due course and build an exemplary relationship despite the geographical isolation.


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