Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Reality and Illusion

Where do we draw the line between reality and illusion? We agree that all dreams are illusion, however, even this state of awareness is but an illusion. On a metaphysical level, the ultimate Reality is realized only when one becomes Awakened. It is not only in the Morpheus' world, the concept is widely preached in the doctrines of Buddhism.

In our dreams, we exactly portray our thoughts, emotions and infact everything, as if, it's happening in our conscious state of body and mind. The same level of fear, anger, joy and pleasure overshadows our subconscious mind. It is hard to trigger our thought into believing that, it is simply a mind trick.
You don't get the option to take the blue pill and wake up in your bed. It's the mind taking its own forms and figures.

Likewise, it so happens even with some events which occur in our state of awareness - It just feels like it's in our dreams. Everything happens rapidly that you hardly have the intellect and time to think it is a reality. Is it a dream? Was it in my dreams? - You are perplexed beyond doubts. Reality becomes molded into a dream. Every good and joyful moments occur in a fleeting moment, and are often short-lived. The sorrows and miseries are, however, exponentially over-driven in time. That's one compromise in life or just a variant of Murphy's Law. If not, would there be any charm with the joyfulness? If gold was in abundance, it would not be precious any more. This is how I see it. Precious moment it is for it's rarity.

If the moments're harsh and distressful, time becomes the best healer. If it's joyful and pleasurable, it settles down as a moment to be cherished later on.  It is the grey matter, medulla oblongata or anything related to the neural system which places such moments onto the memory lane. Whenever you can, take a break, reminisce those moments and smile back at the joy you had along the journey of your life.

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