Friday, January 22, 2016

Race Against Time

The Project. Yes, a project is always supposed to be time bound. It has a start and an end. The desired objective has to be fulfilled with the given resources and within the given time frame. This is my interpretation framed from the concepts of project management.

But, what is with the project? I narrate this, because of late, I have joined this mega-project, by far the nation's biggest hydropower project - Punatshangchu-I Hydroelectric Project Authority, a 1200 MW bilateral undertaking. I made up my mind to steer away from the operation & maintenance phase to the project phase to break the monotonous life and, more so, to complete the range of experience in this profession. I confided in my confidence in this field of interest and made my effort to push myself in here. As luck would favor it, I got my way into this project on a deputation term. (FYI: The selection was purely through a competitive process with no dirth of red-tapism involved.) :)

First few days or weeks into this new setup pushed me out of my comfort zone. Most things were new to me. The work culture was entirely at a different level. I had to fast-track my adaptation rate to ensure that no transitional lapses occur on assuming my post. It is little over a month now and I have learned to believe that black tea is the only tea and Hindi is unofficially an official language in this project. Despite all odds, I love this challenge. I have a tusker's task ahead to discharge my responsibilities in ensuring that this project completes on time. It already took its share of overruns for which this project has come under the zoom lens of many people. There is no time to stand and stare. It is a race against time. The completion date has been committed and it is time that we put on our blinkers and work tirelessly to spin the monstrous turbines.

It would have been a good way to relax and start the year by reading a good novel or to take a short break from work. However, I have little choice at the moment. As my wife flips over the pages of Monu's "Chronicle of a Love Foretold" taking a sip of her lemon tea in between, I am busy jotting down the important clauses from Document No. III of the Contract Package MEM-5. The weekend ends with a quite dinner. 

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