Monday, November 20, 2017

Pictorial Description of Laya- The Land of Yaks & Nomads

I and four others, who shared a similar interest in exploring places, slipped out of our busy schedule in the mid of November 2017 to make our trip to Laya. I was always fascinated by the towering mountains, monstrous yaks and the peculiar costume of the Layaps seen mostly in magazines and documentary shows. 

Laya is a beautiful village located at an altitude of 4300 meters above sea level. There are 600+ households with over 1000+ inhabitants living a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Layaps agree that the shift in their lifestyle is mainly accredited to the sale of fungus (cordyceps) which fetches them over quarter million Ngultrums per kg. They are now connected with mobile network and electricity. What stands out with the Layaps is their warm heart and hospitality shown towards guests and visitors.

For any average hiker, the route is about 5-6 hours from the road-end meandering along the river. During the journey, one can enjoy the serene flow of the river as well as the gradual change in vegetation.

Yaks grazing on the meadows
Atop a ridge overlooking Laya village
A part of Laya village
Lake Kheyrikha- half a day's journey from Laya village.
Our cheerful hosts - Ap Tshering & his wife

Horses grazing on the meadows
Rocky ridge above Laya village
Mount Masangang hidden behind clouds
Mount Tsendagang at the peak of its beauty
Mount Gangchen Taag basking in the morning sun
Crystal clear river on the way to Laya

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